Welcome to Dream Holidays Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a holiday lover's dream, within an area of just 65,610 Sq. kilometers, the small but abundantly varied beautiful island of cultured and welcoming people, holiday lovers will discover the delights they need. The island's physical features also have great variety. Sun-drenched beaches and multi colored coral reefs fringe tropical plains which rise steeply to central highlands of rugged mountain chains and peaks, deeps chasms and plunging precipices.

The variety of its climate and topography endows Sri Lanka with amazing bio-diversity, the tenth richest in the world. Rain forests, dry zone jungles, lagoon wet lands, grassland-plateaus. montane cloud-forests and thorn and scrub wilderness are habitats of rich and unique vegetation and wild life.

Sri Lanka also has a good cultural heritage with six archeological UNESCO World Heritage sites. Among other natural wealth is a glittering array of gems, all the fragrant spices of the orient, every kind of tropical fruit and world's finest tea.

So we invite you to pick the holiday you dream about, the special interest or the activity that would delight you. What ever you choose, your experience in Sri Lanka with our guidance will be supremely enjoyable rewarding.